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NEW COLOURS, a new nationally and internationally top-class and musically diverse music festival, was launched in 2022. Gelsenkirchen has positioned various beacons for this year that will carry the city's name out into the world and convey the message of being a lively and hospitable cosmos. But is surface glitter enough when it comes to identity and quality of life?


We are delighted that the New Colours festival has quickly become a sustainable source of inspiration and a beacon for cultural diversity and creativity. This festival offers more than just stadium-filling events. It is intended to be a place of diversity, where innovative and experimental ideas provide new impetus. Since its debut, New Colours has lent charisma to the festival's venues: This summer, the world-famous Ruhr Piano Festival followed the good example by trying out a new concert format in the Heilig Kreuz Kirche.

This year's New Colours festival program consistently focuses on the diversity and creativity of contemporary jazz in Germany, Europe and even Australia and deliberately avoids well-known names that often attract attention at the expense of the unknown.

It is impressive how musicians, despite all external adversities, allow themselves to be inspired like seismographs by the vibrations of our terribly beautiful world. Counterpoints to the monotony of the entertainment industry with musical contrasts full of magnetic attraction. The jazz presented at this year's festival draws on elements of pop, classical, world, rock, folk, ambient and much more, and once again encounters a variety of exciting venues. New Colours is therefore more than "just" a jazz festival - it is about imaginative diversity in the spirit of improvisation.

So immerse yourself in the fascinating world of permanent musical reinvention, where the seemingly incompatible are casually combined and sound encounters full of emotion and passion are created. We look forward to celebrating the vibrancy of this contemporary music with you at the third New Colours festival 2024.


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