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The SCHAUBURG FILMPALAST is one of the last classical cinema palaces in Germany. Built in 1929, the building is based on a concept whose proximity to the theatre is still present today with its curved walkways with countless doors, the sweeping staircase and the light-filled foyer in the middle.

Originally, the SCHAUBURG FILMPALAST consisted of a single building with 1,400 seats. It was here that lavish premieres were celebrated, as well as a variety of unique musical events and plays, even in the days of the "big movies".

Today, after several renovations, the SCHAUBURG FILMPALAST offers its visitors the extraordinary combination of the historically renovated surroundings and state-of-the-art cinema technology. The partly listed film theatre now has a total of three cinema halls.

On the one hand, the SCHAUBURG FILMPALAST, steeped in history, continues the significance and tradition of the classical performance venue, but also breaks new ground due to a changed city and cinema landscape.

In the film sector, the SCHAUBURG FILMPALAST continues to be one of the classic first-run cinemas.




Horster Straße 6 | Gelsenkirchen

Anfahrt mit dem ÖPNV

von Essen (HBF): mit der U11 vom Hauptbahnhof Essen bis HS Schloss Horst. Dann mit der Straßenbahn 301 bis HS Goldbergplatz. Von da 1 Min. Fußweg. Von Gelsenkirchen (HBF): mit der Straßenbahn 302 bis HS Buer-Rathaus. Von da 1 Min. Fußweg. von Dorsten (BF): R-Bahn RB44 über Bottrop-Boy, dann Niederflurbus 260 bis HS Schloss Horst. Von da 1 Min. Fußweg. von Recklinghausen/Herten: via Gelsenkirchen-Buer, dann mit der Straßenbahn 301 bis HS Schloss Horst. Von da 1 Min. Fußweg. von Gladbeck: Niederflurbus 260 bis HS Schloss Horst. Von da 1 Min. Fußweg.

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